Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I Subsribe to become a member of CAKNOW?
Download the CAKNOW app in Google Play or Apple App

2. As a subscriber are there any fees to use the CAKNOW app?

To use or sign up for the CAKNOW app there are no subscribers fees`s,dues or annual membership charges

3. Is Registration required to use the CAKNOW app?

Yes,CAKNOW app is the service platform that allows you to recieve, an instant estimate of your vehicle need , from the Service Shop of your choice.

4. Why is my vehicle info needed to use the CAKNOW app?

Our service platform requires your vehicle information to generate the most accurate estimate of your vehicle need

5. Is the location of my vehicle really necessary?

Your vehicle location is a requirement of our Service Platform,so that we may provide you with the best posible service.

6. How can I contact CAKNOW?

You can reach us at 866 900 8900 OR by email

7. What services can I obtain through CAKNOW?

The CAKNOW app will connect you to a variety of professional Service Shops,who provide complete auto repair and maintenance services specifically designed for your vehicle

1. How do I submit a request for service?
A service request can be submitted through the CAKNOW app

2. Can I modify my service request?
Yes,You can modify your request at any time

3. What if my vehicle needs repair away from home?

CAKNOW can locate nearby service professionals based on you location

4. Does the CAKNOW app support my Make and Model?

Yes ,CAKNOW covers Most Makes and Models and constantly ads aditional Makes and Model as the need arises

1. How long will it take to receive an estimate?

The CAKNOW app Platform can generate an accurate estimate Instantly at your request

2. How many estimates will I receive?

The number of estimates vary depending of your location and Service Shops avaliable

3. Will I have access to detailed information from the estimate?

Yes absolutly, Calif. State Law requires that every consumer is entitled to a complete itemized and detailed estimate of the invoice

4. Do I have access to the Service Shop profile?

Yes, Access to the Service Shop profile is availiable after acceptance of the Service Shop Estimate

5. Is the Service Estimate Negotiable?

Yes, The CAKNOW app provides you with a number of Service Shops, with their estimates . The CAKNOW Platform also permits you to comunicate directly to the Service Shop of your choice. Service Shop profile is availiable after acceptance of the Service Shop Estimate

6. What can I do when the wrong Service request is selected?

Simply cancel that order and begin a New Estimate for Service Request

7. Can I comunicate with the selected Service Shop of my choice?

YES, Once the Request of the Service Shop Estimate is accepted open comunication is avaliable through the app

1. Can Service Shops have reviews removed?

Service Shops do not have access to remove reviews

2. Can I Write a Review?

Yes, you may write a review anytime after your sceduled service is complete and paid for.

3. How to Rate my Experience?

1 star suggest; poor service and you do not plan to return
2 star suggest; you have experienced or expected better service
3 star suggest; satisfactory service
4 star suggest; a better than average service and you plan to return again
5 star suggest;exceptional service and you would recommend this service to family and friends

1. Why is my Credit Card needed to set an appointment?

It is necessary to provide form of payment to set an appointment with the Service Shop of your choice

2. What if I need to change my Credit Card?

The CAKNOW app allows you the opertunity to change your credit card at any time

3. Why should I set an Appointment?

Setting an appointment allows you to pick the time that is most convient for you,and allows the Service Shopthe opertunity to scedule and appointment slot for your visit

1. What if my Credit Card is Declinded?

Unfortunatly due to the nature of the app CAKNOW can only accept credit card payments

1. How do I get a Receipt?

After the confirmation that your service is complete and the payment transaction is confirmed you will receive an electronic receipt DESCRIBED as an INVOICE sent to your email.A copy of the invoice will be maintained in your CAKNOW account

2. Who is Responcible for Warranty on Services Performed?

The automotive Service Shop is responcible for all warranties

3. What Type of Payment Does CAKNOW Accept?

CAKNOW accepts only credit card payments

4. Who do I Pay?

CAKNOW will hold the payment and pay the Service Shop after you confirm that the service is complete

1. What is the fee for listing my Service Shop?

There is no fee for listing your Service Shop CAKNOW AS a member of the CAKNOW Service Fleet there is a service charge of 10%.Our fee incorparates the total amount of the customer final invoice.{inclusive of State Taxes} and includes credit card payment and transaction fees charged to CAKNOW by merchant banks

2. How do I list my Service Shop with CAKNOW?

Download the app and select CREATE NEW ACCOUNT and then follow the prompts. We ask that you describes your skills and specialties.Please be as helpful as posible. Select submit and your done. CAKNOW will review your application and will contact you within two business days

3. How do Service Shops get paid?

Currently CAKNOW proveides only one form of payment. Direct Deposit /ACH

1. Can I Revise the Estimate?

Yes, pursuant to BAR Guidelines

2. Can I contact customers regarding their service request?

Yes,after the request for serviced is confirmed, CAKNOW will generate an estimate containing customers contact info; available to you.

3. What happens when a customers fails to show for an appointment?

You as a Service Shop have access to customers info; and are free to contact them to rescedule

1. Is CAKNOW responcible for credit card payment fees?

Yes,our 10% service charge includes all credit card payment fee`s and transactions

2. How are CAKNOW service fee`s calculated?

A 10% service fee is deducted from the total of the customers final invoice.{inclusive of state taxes}

1. Can CAKNOW increase revenue for my business?

Most certainly so,heres how.When you LIST your Service Shop with CAKNOW ,we will use the power of the internet to bring customers who need your service to your front door.Where ever posible we will provide you with complete written and authorized estimate.