How To Find The Right Mechanic For An Oil Change
Oct 5th | 2017 by CAKNOW Tech
You may be wondering “Why on Earth would any mechanic not be good enough for an oil change, the most basic auto mechanic job in the world?” Simple. Basically, some mechanics will nitpick your car to find or even create other issues.

Finding an honest mechanic used to be one of the hardest things in the universe. However with the help of yelp and other forms of social media that hold mechanics and repair shops accountable, honest mechanics are a lot easier to find. These days it’s not uncommon to find several honest mechanics in your town. But which is cheaper? And how do you find the best mechanic in your price range without spending an enormous amount of time and energy you don’t have? There’s an easier way to solve the issue of dishonest mechanics AND the hassle of getting a car repair estimate.

CAKNOW has a rigorous screening process to verify all of it mechanics and shops. Plus CAKNOW acts is in real time getting you estimates from several mechanics at once. We have eliminated the problem of finding an honest mechanic while still getting the best price for your repair. It’s so simple. Just open CAKNOW and alert mechanics nearby of what’s wrong with your vehicle, and get real time quotes.

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