7 Spring Driving Tips ​
October 11th, 2017 | CAKNOW Tech
Spring has finally arrived! No more snow tires. No more wiping ice from windshields. No more frozen key holes. But not so fast…Spring proves to provide it’s own challenges when it comes to driving. Here are few safety tips especially for those nice Spring drives!

1. Spring Showers Bring May Flowers-And Wet Driving Conditions
Slow down on slick roads. Just a small amount of water can mix with oil and grease on the road to create slippery conditions.

2. Understand The Impact Of Medications On Driving
For many people, Spring means seasonal allergies. Over-the-counter allergy drugs can have side effects or interact with other medications to diminish your driving ability

3. Winter Road Wear And Tear
In many states, winter wreaks havoc on the roads. Snow plows, salt, sand, and ice can leave roads battered. Expect potholes.

4. More Bicycles On The Road
Spring also brings cyclists out of hibernation. Driving along cyclists can make traffic maneuvers more dangerous. Pay extra close attention o how you are sharing the road.

5. Warmer Weather Brings Children Outside
Slow down and pay very close attention in residential and school zones. Younger kids are easily distracted by play while teenagers are more distracted by phones. Make sure to keep an eye out for any children who may not be paying attention to traffic.

6. Put Pressure On…Or Rather In Your Tires
Check the pressure of your tires once a month, and before any long trip. Proper tire pressure ensures that when you do need to stop, your tires can do everything they need to do to help you.

7. No Tailgating
Increase the distant between you and the car you are following in the rain. Three seconds is considered a safe distance in normal conditions. Eight seconds is suggested is advised during a storm.

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