7 Worst Southern California Cities For Drivers
Sep 5th, 2017 | CAKNOW Tech
Traffic remains a top concern for Southern California residents, even topping personal safety, housing costs and retirement savings, according to a recent Los Angeles Times poll. Ironically 60% of the major locally and state-maintained roads and highways in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana area were found to be in “poor” condition compared to 37% statewide. This pair is a recipe for disaster for Southern California drivers often landing many of our cities low on the national list of Best Cities For Drivers. This list looks at a number of factors like gas/insurance cost, length of commutes and the percentage of commuters traveling alone to and from work each day. See below for the worst Southern California cities for drivers.

Landing at 56 on the national list, Santa Ana is the worst of the worst. It’s actually pretty good considering 69% of it’s population commute alone daily.

The OC is often a safe haven for SoCal residents looking for a more relaxed lifestyle and yet this affluent city is 63rd on the list due in part to 77% of its commuters leaving the city everyday for work.

Number 78 on the list, Anaheim shouldn’t be too shocked to find itself so far down the list considering it is home to both Disneyland and the Anaheim Angels baseball team. If that’s not enough traffic in and out the city everyday including weekends, 75% of it’s residents commute alone to and from work.

This coastal city found itself ranked among the cities with the most traffic collisions in 2015 so I think it has earned it’s 79th spot.

Arriving at the 82nd spot is our first Inland Empire city. Popular because of its affordable housing, the majority of it’s residents have a long commute ahead of them daily. A 35 minute longer commute than the SoCal average to be exact.

Facing the same issues as its neighbor Riverside, San Bernardino also saw a huge migration because of low and affordable housing however jobs remained for the most part in the larger cities residents were escaping. At 89th on the list San Bernardino commuters have at minimum a 3 hour commute (in total) average wise.

Last but certainly not least, Los Angeles. The city we all knew would make the list. Landing at 90 out of 100, L.A. features an average of 104 hours stuck in traffic in 2016, among the highest insurance rates nationally and costs drivers an average of $2408 yearly in productivity and fuel.

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