The Pros & Cons Of Waterless Car Washes
Jul 26th, 2017 | CAKNOW Tech
According to the U.S. Drought Calculator, only 1.06% of California still remains in a stage D2 severe drought compared to 57.79% this time just last year. Despite the sigh of relief, many Californians have to decided to keep up with their water saving habits, having learned along the way that less (water) is better. Enter the waterless carwash. Imagine using a spray bottle and towel to simply lift and wipe away the dirt from your car. A plethora of waterless car wash products have hit shelves across the nation as water conservation gained popularity in recent years. But before you jump on the green bandwagon, here are the pros and cons of waterless car washes.

Save Water
The obvious pro to using a waterless car wash is saving water.
Less Water, More Chemicals?
Many waterless car wash products contain chemicals that may damage an auto’s finish. To avoid this, try using biodegradable brands like Freedom’s coconut-based soap.
So Many Options
From soaps and waxes to sprays, chances are you will find the product that works best for you. And if washing your own car doesn’t sound appealing, a growing number of mobile detailers are offering the waterless option.
Takes Twice As Long
Ever wonder why so much water is used in traditional car washes? Water breaks up and removes a large amount of dirt and grime before the car is even really touched. It also quickly rinses away all the suds. A waterless car wash will require more time and work.
Anytime, Anywhere
Without being chained to a water source of some sort you can literally “wash” your car whenever you want, wherever you want as long as you have a waterless car wash product and microfiber towels.
Dirty…But Too Dirty
The waterless process is ideal for cars with “light” dirt. If you’re the type that waits until you can’t see out of your windshield before giving your car a wash, a waterless car wash might not be for you.
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