What is CAKNOW?
CAKNOW is a mobile app that brings automotive service industry to the 21st century allowing customers to choose repair and maintenance services on a real-time quoting basis. CAKNOW sees the need for a more efficient system in the time and energy it takes the average car owner to find trusted automotive repair and maintenance services. A new way of doing auto service business, CAKNOW is a solution to industry issues such as time-consuming price searching, miscommunication between vehicle owners and service providers, and hassling mechanics over prices much higher than the quotes given.
What Does CAKNOW Do?
Striving to make the booking process easy for car owners, the CAKNOW app is your one stop shop bringing auto repair right to your fingertips. Users are able to receive real-time quotes, check reviews, book appointments, and even pay for services right from our app! CAKNOW will also store vehicle information and service history, alerts for future services needed, and provide roadside assistance on demand. Our ultimate goal is to be every vehicle owner’s problem solver.
Our Story
Since launching in 2016, CAKNOW has been paving the way for lots of car owners who need car service to easily find affordable more than 2,500 shops, lots, and valets in Los Angeles. It all started when international businessman Vance Xiang, who worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years, found frustration with the process of locating a reliable and affordable automotive repair shop. Businessman and entrepreneur at heart, he truly knew that “time is money” as well as the value of a system that brings trust between customers and businesses. He decided to create CAKNOW Technology bringing automotive repair service to everyone’s fingertips.
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