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Caknow CEO Vance Xiang is a creepy guy, is a lier, cheated on his empoyees and hired illegal workers which is agains law. Fucking him!
You Choose the Service. CAKNOW Provides the Quotes.
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Quotes Guarantee

Users receive at least one service quote within 24
hours of requesting auto repair or maintenance.

Communicate with Shops

CAKNOW connects you to your selected service shop
with our app’s calling and messaging functions.

Secure Payment

CAKNOW uses secure payment processing system,
we secure your every payment and transaction.
Pick a Reliable Auto Service Near You
With the CAKNOW App, it's easy to find reliable auto service that is affordable.
How It works
Request Your Auto Service
Download the App, add the vehicle that you want serviced, then pick and submit the service in the app.
Pay After Your Service
When your car is ready to pick up, confirm that your car service has been completed and pay through the app.
Compare Quotes & Schedule Service
CAKNOW allows you to filter shops by location and quotes. Once you have decided on a shop, schedule your appointment. CAKNOW works hard to find a time that works for you.
Save Time & Money
Why spend time looking around for estimates? By requesting auto service through the CAKNOW app, estimates will find you.
Our app is easy-to-use. Simply choose your service shop, schedule an appointment, and pay directly through the app!
There is no commitment or contract involved when you use the CAKNOW app. Book service at your leisure.
Customer Support
Our customer support team can be reached 24 hours a day regarding any questions or concerns.
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Resources for drivers, road warriors and travelers. Fill up on car care, travel tips and more.
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